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When This Dance Team Formed A Circle, Nobody In The Audience Expected Their Next Move

Competitive dance teams can be truly impressive with their super accurately choreographed routines, with not one dancer falling out of step. This dance routine will likely floor you, however. The Southlake Carroll Varsity Emerald Belles competed at the Crowd Pleasers Dance Area Competition in 2017, to the song “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics, dressed in silver and blue costumes. The audience never could have expected to see this level of talent.

They begin their dance routine by striking random poses and moving about while one dancer is hoisted up in the center. The dancer is set down and begins to glide forward gracefully before giving a spin while the other dancers freeze in place, perfectly still. Their heads begin to turn this way and that before they fall to the floor and prepare for the next part.

Everyone rises up together and the song really begins, as the team starts to move into a formation and kick off their perfectly synchronized routine. This gives way for the signature high kicks in the style of the Rockettes, done here with the same amazing level of coordination, with not one leg out of place.

The routine includes a cool balancing effect where each dancer kicks a leg back to be held by the dancer behind her, who also lays her head down on the outstretched leg. It creates the coolest effect, as they have perfectly streamlined their formation while all balancing on one leg. They make it look absolutely effortless, too.

The dancers quickly drop to the floor and arch up in a backbend while looking at the crowd, before falling forward on hands and knees and swaying this way and that before coming onto their feet again. The ladies quickly create a concentric circle, arms outstretched before they get in more high kicks. The circle breaks up and the women form new groupings, with the center doing a floor move, while the side and back groups do a different move.

They come together once more, with a staggered choreography of dance kicks until they are all kicking in unison once more, then they employ a cool pattern where diagonal quadrant groups do a different move from the other diagonal groups. They come together and their kick formation is totally on point, before they all shuffle backwards and begin to do more interpretive dance moves with the one woman in the center appearing to coordinate their action.

Then a group of dancers brings a giant sheet of fabric over the top of them, while the dancers come rushing out from underneath it and the high kicking choreography that unfolds for the big finale is absolutely next level, as they incorporate a sidestepping movement with the kicking that makes you wonder how they don’t totally get tripped up. They also manage to leap and land in a split, which doesn’t even seem humanly possible!

They end the routine in much the same way it started, winding down while lifting the center dancer up once more, then lowering her as all of the dancers gather tightly together to end the epic routine.