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When This Grandma Started Stripping Her Clothes Off, The Judges Didn’t Know What To Think

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, because you never know what amazing things you could find inside. This adage is oft-repeated when describing people as well, and it can be very true. No matter what someone looks like, you can’t have preconceived notions about who that person is based solely on their appearance. Jenny Darren takes this to a whole new level though!

The British grandmother recently made an appearance on the popular talent television show Britain’s Got Talent, where at first she appeared to be kind and gentle.

She walks on stage to face the judges with a timid demeanor, and her floral dress and pink sweater are the exact same that your grandmother owns.

The judges aren’t impressed at first, and Simon even questions whether she is serious in her bid to advance in the competition. Darren couldn’t be more confident in herself and she ensures that Simon knows how seriously she is taking the competition.

“Jenny, are you doing this because you think you can win the show?” he asked.

“Absolutely! Of course!” Jenny reassures him.

Once Simon was finally convinced, it was time for the big show. But Darren didn’t want to give them exactly what they expected.

Her elderly clothing was only a temporary measure it seems. The judges and audience are equally shocked as she begins to strip off her clothing, piece by piece. She reveals a rough, leather-filled outfit that changes our perception entirely!

Where once a kind old grandmother stood, now there was a tough, confident woman ready to kick some doors down. Seconds later,  the first few notes of, “Highway to Hell,” start playing and you know this is about to go to the next level!

Jenny kicks her foot like a real rock star and starts belting out an amazing rendition of the ACDC classic. The outfit and attitude change take years off of her and she looks like a young woman again, dancing across the stage in joy.

The judges started getting into it almost immediately, and the two women judges are especially impressed with her antics. Her act would have been amazing even without her talented singing, but the whole package really takes her performance to the stratosphere.

Even Simon cracked a smile while she was singing and dancing, which might have been the biggest surprise of the night! A few years ago he was a bit rougher around the edges, but now he’s a bit nicer to the contestants.

Jenny has a way of connecting with the crowd like you wouldn’t believe. The whole room soon finds themselves belting out, “HIGH… WAY TO HELL!” before they can even stop and think about what is happening.

Her charisma is electric, and her performance is truly a work of art. Few people have caught our attention quite like this wonderful woman!

You are never too old to follow your dreams, as you can clearly see in this inspiring video. What do you think about her amazing performance?

By the way, she made it into the next round!