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When This Officer Started To Sing This Christmas Classic, I Knew It Was Going To Go Viral

Few things brighten our hearts as much as watching police officer do good work. Because these men and women vowed to protect and serve their communities, they’re held to a higher standard. And when they rise to those standards and exceed them, they should be celebrated for the good they have done in the world. For example, when my family went trick-or-treating for Halloween, the police officers stopped their cruiser in the middle of a busy intersection where a lot of children were crossing to not only protect the little ones but hand out candy as well.

One police officer loves the holiday season so much that he wanted to sing his heart out for the sake of it. Although he knew the camera was rolling while he was singing, this police officer never suspected that he would quickly become a viral sensation as a singer.

Although everything was normal on this evening in Portland, Maine, police officer Jeremy Turner decided to do something a bit different, a bit out of the ordinary. Officer Turner turned to the camera and then opened his mouth to release a beautiful Christmas carol into the city. Behind him, the trees are decorated with bright lights, and the snow is beneath his feet. Officer Turner has a warm hat on his head and but no gloves on his hands.

Because the mood struck him (the location really is the perfect place to go Christmas caroling), Officer Turner was ready to share his talent for singing with the people of Portland, Maine. Little did he know but he was about to become a sensation the whole world over.

While Officer Turner was excited to share his voice with the people of Portland, he was happy to do so. Before long he became a local hero. That’s why WCSH 6 News interviewed him to learn more about his interest in singing “O Holy Night” for the people and the camera. Before long a crowd gathered around him. Instead of growing timid, he started to sing louder and louder, gaining confidence as the people fell in love with his heartwarming voice.

After he sang the song and realized the people were happy about it, his boss the Portland Police Chief Michael Sauschuck admitted that he was a bit shy about it. Chief Sauschuck was also happy to see Officer Turner singing because it helped humanize his police department. Because people are nervous around police officers these days, a positive video of an officer singing Christmas carols does a great job for public relations in Portland, Maine.

Officer Turner surprised the people with his voice. But his fellow police officers knew all about his passion for music and were not surprised that he was opening his mouth to sing in public. He was the one who sang the national anthem during his police academy graduation.

If you’re in love with Officer Turner’s voice, you’re not alone. The video of him singing has gone viral many times over.

What do you think about his public performance?

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