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When This Strange Creature Appeared On His Farm, The Farmer Had No Idea What To Do Next

Farmers see all sorts of strange things that nature produces. A newborn calf that was born with a unique birth defect is being worshipped as a god in eastern India. The calf has just one eye as video footage showed the animal also does not have a muzzle. In the video, the animal is seen sticking out its tongue and laboring to breathe. This oddity, however, has made the little cow of great interest to those in the area.

The cow’s owner explained: “Ever since it was born, people have crowded my place to see the bizarre calf. They are now considering it to be a miracle of God and have started worshipping it.”

This animal has a rare congenital disorder known as cyclopia, which develops in the womb. It can occur in animals and humans when the left and right hemispheres of the brain do not separate during the early part of pregnancy as they should.

As a result, a single central cavity with one eye forms or there can be separate eyeballs fused, often without eyelids and eyelashes. The disorder also results in a deformed nose, seen in this calf by his underdeveloped upper jaw.

According to reports, an animal with cyclopia likely will have poor vision because the retina doesn’t form properly.

Oftentimes, animals with this condition are stillborn or die shortly after birth because of brain and breathing issues.

According to a report from the Daily Star, locals said this calf was rejected by its mother, with one person noting: “The cow had been discarded by its mother and the women are feeding the cow.”

As for those who view this unique looking animal as a miracle, one person remarked: “The people think that worshipping the cow is going to bring luck and prosperity to the family of whoever worships it.”

Animals with defects are not all that unlikely, as a calf was born with two snouts, three eyes and half an extra face in India last year. He defied the odds by surviving, with the calf’s owner sharing: “We were stunned when we saw the calf. We have never seen a two-headed animal.”

He added: “Nobody in the village, including the vets, believed that the calf would survive even for a week but the animal has defied the odds to survive for over a month now.”

Many people came to visit the unique creature, as a villager named Thirumurugan explained at the time: “We all were astonished when we heard that a calf with two heads is born in our village. It is a miracle.”

There was also a recent case of a calf born in China with two heads, four eyes, two mouths, and two ears that appeared in good health, but couldn’t stand up.

Among the many comments on the story at the time were those who were concerned for the animal’s well-being, with one person noting: “I would like the animal to be given some chance of life but if after some time that it cannot walk then the kindest act would be to put the animal down.”

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