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When This Toddler Sees All The Presents Mom Bought, His Reaction Made My Day

Even if you try to make your child’s birthday a simple affair, it usually gets more complicated rather quickly. Although you might try to do it on a budget, you still shell out too much money on presents and other nice things to give your kids a great time. When kids are young, they sometimes have more fun with the noisy wrapping paper than the thing inside, but that’s to be expected for babies and toddlers.

In the video below, mom and dad surprised their son with a plethora of birthday presents. Because they wanted to capture their boy’s reaction on camera to send to the grandparents and other family members, they took out their camera and started filming as soon as they were ready.

With the camera rolling, the parents caught something on film they did not expect. Their son was expressing his gratitude – all over his face. While other toddlers would probably just go straight to ripping at the wrapping paper and trying to see how much stuff they got, this boy is overwhelmed. He seems to understand the hard work that mom and dad did to give him a good birthday.

Just like language and mathematics, appreciation and gratitude is a skill to be mastered. Parents need to be able to teach their children how to not only say “thank you” when they’re given something but also how to feel gratitude and appreciation for the things they have. Many children just don’t get how to be content. For that matter, not many adults do either.

The video has gone viral because this boy knows how good he has it. Unlike most children, this boy sounds like a wise old man who knows when he has it good.

In the description of their video, the New York Post wrote, “When little kid Finlay Strafford came downstairs on his third birthday, he literally couldn’t believe that all of the birthday gifts laid out could be for him. He cries upon the realization. This is one little guy that’s truly thankful.”

Below were some thoughts from viewers like you.

“Aww wow. I really need to hug him. Mum, you have an amazing little lad right there, God bless him and you.”

“What a fantastic kid.”

“Kids. Such innocence. Such a well-behaved kid.”

“He’s a three-year-old who is overcome by joy and disbelief. It’s normal for him to shed a little tear.”

“So cute!”

“Aww, God love him.”

While all viewers noticed how mature his sense of gratitude is, one viewer commented about how it made him seem much older than his two or three years.

“And he started going to work from the very next day.”

“I’m sorry, but a child shouldn’t be weeping like a 40-year-old spinster watching the end of Sleepless in Seattle.”

Watch this video now to see this boy shedding tears of gratitude because his parents gave him presents for his birthday.

What does this video make you think? Were you children or grandchildren like this when they received presents for their birthday or Christmas?

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