When This Walmart Employee Started Belting Out The National Anthem, We All Stopped In Our Tracks : AWM

When This Walmart Employee Started Belting Out The National Anthem, We All Stopped In Our Tracks

A big expansion was taking place at the Walmart in Trussville, Alabama and they decided to commemorate it with a special song. This Walmart was celebrating the ribbon cutting of their new pick-up service with the community inside the store. Mrs. Barnes, one of the employees agreed to do the singing after the manager had asked her to do it because of her known talent.

She gave a wonderful performance of the “Star Spangled Banner” and she even started to cry during the song. The short clip of her performance went viral on Facebook with tens of thousands of views. Her reasons for crying during the song ran deep because the song means more to her now than it used to.

Two weeks prior to this occasion, her son shipped off for military boot camp so he could serve his country. He has his first child on the way, a baby girl, which he will not be able to be here for the birth. Mrs. Barnes was also not able to see her son off because she was home sick with that nasty flu.

“My passion came from understanding the sacrifice my son and all service men and women are making to protect our country. I never truly understood the emotional part of not knowing when you will, and for some, if you will ever see your loved one again,” Barnes told reporters for AL.com.

This is an example of the way that the family of service members serve too. They send their young sons, daughters, nieces, and nephews off so that they can serve a bigger purpose. They leave their homes so that they can defend our country, their families, and the freedoms that the United States military has been fighting to defend for hundreds of years.

It is through the great sacrifice of people like that young man that Americans are able to live a free life in a free country, but their families serve with them. They are without their sons, daughters, husbands, wives, brothers, and sisters for long periods of time and sometimes not knowing if they are going to come home safe. The send them off so that they can serve a country that has done so much for them.

Military service people go overseas and all over the world to help America and the people of this world to live the best lives they possibly can. They do great things in different countries to help them gain better lives and conditions without the second thought of their own well-being. It takes an amazingly strong person to choose to serve a purpose and put their life on the line for something that is so much bigger than themselves.

Military families are the important support system that our military people need in order to be able to do the jobs they are assigned to do. It is not an easy position by any means and anyone that has a loved one in the military should be thanked for their service in helping to raise and influence a person that is protecting our country.