Millennials Are Having Sologamy Ceremonies Instead Of Weddings, And Their Parents Don’t Approve : AWM

Millennials Are Having Sologamy Ceremonies Instead Of Weddings, And Their Parents Don’t Approve

A woman planned a very special wedding — but it was far from traditional. Despite the departure from the usual wedding ceremony, her friends and family came to support her after she sent out the unusual invitation. New York actress and reiki healer Jenilyn Rodriguez decided to marry herself, after her experiences with a series of abusive relationships.

Though Jenilyn was raised Catholic, she has distanced herself from any form of religion and instead wanted to put her faith in love… as well as herself. While shopping for jewelry earlier this year, she found a ring that she fell in love with and decided to become engaged to herself.

Invitations were sent for the sologamy ceremony in New York, held at 3:33 because the number 333 means pure love in angel numerology, on November 11 (the number 1111 means that angels are in the room with you). 20 guests, including her sister Jessica, were on hand for the unique ceremony.

Jenilyn explained: “It is a reminder to always stay grateful and that we are all miracles,” adding, “I have everything I could ever need so I only want a life filled with joy and love.”

The decision to marry herself signifies that she has everything she needs within herself, including being a friend and comfort.

Jenilyn noted: “Me and my siblings were raised Catholic, although it never sat right with me. I always felt a strong desire to be more open minded and unaffiliated with any organized religion. I wanted to work with love and I wanted to pray in nature, not necessarily in a building.”

She added: “I am a certified reiki healer and I love healing people, yet I found that there were always issues around love in my own life as I suffered abusive relationships and toxic work environments.”

When she found the ring she bought it as a gift of love to herself, sharing: “I made a promise to treat myself better and to love myself better. The response I got from my closest friends and others was almost overwhelming. So then I realized that I needed to decide if I was going to go through with it, I should go all the way with it.”

Why not make it official then? Jenilyn explained: “I felt very strongly that this was a very positive thing and that it would also make me so much more likely to stick to the promise I made.”

She called the ceremony “so powerful,” saying, “I felt that I truly married my human person to my higher self, so that my body, mind and soul could be one and work together to create the best life I could ever imagine.”

She further shared: “I welcome love in all forms and a committed relationship is wonderful, but I will never lose sight of myself again or become half of a duo. I would still marry a person in the conventional way if I found a love like that and I’d love to have a family one day.”

Jenilyn even has a honeymoon planned — she’ll be visiting Ireland’s ancient celtic sites.

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