When We Looked Up And Saw This Flying Through The Air, We Knew We Were Going To Get Soaked : AWM

When We Looked Up And Saw This Flying Through The Air, We Knew We Were Going To Get Soaked

You could call this a crappy situation, all around. Visitors at a park in Commerce City, Colorado had the most unpleasant of surprises when a freak gust of wind swept up two porta-potties and sent them, quite literally, flying into the air. Bystanders tried to take cover and hit the ground, but the portable toilets went flying before crashing into a nearby tent and flattening it.

As if that wasn’t scary enough, liquid from one porta potty spilled from the unit as the toilet was sent airborne, likely falling on the people below.

One man sheltered a child in his arms as he went for shelter, while a woman was seen covering her child with her body. A group of men secured a canopy from flying away with the wind and others rushed to protect themselves from other loose objects that were swirling through the air.

Thankfully, no one was injured during the incident.

Among the comments left on the Daily Mail were those who found it amusing, with one person noting: “Sorry, I can’t stop laughing. This IS actually funny! Glad no one was hurt.”

Another person shared a similar experience, explaining: “I experienced a straight-line gust like this about 4 years ago while at a large outdoor flea market. It wasn’t THIS strong, but it ripped displays down to the ground and sent a pavilion tarp at least 80 feet up into the sky. It came and went within less than 40 seconds. Absolutely amazing to witness and scary at the same time because of flying objects.”

One person shared that this wouldn’t have gone over well with them, noting: “I’m a germaphobe and this would be my biggest nightmare. You’d have to kill me.”

On social media, there were a range of reactions, with comments such as: “I know it’s awful, but it gave a good laugh. Thanks wind,” “Hope no one on the ground got covered with the spray!,” and “I would hate to be under all of the ‘spewing’ that’s coming out of that potty.”

Another commenter shared this frightening experience: “I stopped at a roadside one in Oklahoma and the wind was blowing so hard that the thing was swaying! I was scared it might blow over with me in it. After seeing this, I will never again enter one on a windy day on a highway in Oklahoma!”

Still another commenter saw a similar high wind situation in his backyard, explaining: “The wind one time picked up my kids’ trampoline, the kind with a net around it, and it went over the fence in the neighbors yard. It landed facing like it’s supposed to.”

Others joked: “Try explaining that to your insurance agent…’You say your vehicle was damaged by a flying WHAT?'” and “I would have immediately went home and took the longest shower.”

Not everyone, however, saw the humor in the situation, as the video really does show a frightening situation. One commenter asked: “How is this funny? People could have been hurt by those things.”