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When We Saw How Many Presents Her Kids Got, All The Neighborhood Kids Were Jealous

It is a joy to lavish your children in gifts on Christmas Day and on their birthday. Because parents love to have, their children feel loved and celebrated, giving them as many gifts as they can is a way to do that. But one mother, 38-year-old Emma Tapping from the Isle of Man in Great Britain, might have gone overboard, at least that’s what her critics say.

Because Tapping wanted to give her children as much as she could on Christmas Day, she saved thousands of dollars and spent about $2,500 on her children for the holiday. Because the amount of gifts swamps the Christmas tree, Tapping’s followers on social media were quick to call her “selfish” for giving her children so much on Christmas.

Despite the hatred she has received from people online – people she doesn’t even know – Tapping has continued to throw lavish Christmas events for her children. Some people claimed that her generosity toward her children was “disgusting.”

But the mother is not deterred. She claimed that “nobody is going to change my mind” about how many gifts she will give her beloved children on Christmas Day.

Commenters wrote, “So many people have nothing you should donate them. Personally, I think this is ridiculous who needs this many it’s just selfish.”

Another person wrote, “Might just be because I have 11 under my tree, but this photo is just disgusting.”

Some people thought what the mom did is great. One person wrote, “I think she should spend her hard earned money on what she wants – who are we to judge.”

Last year, Tapping stepped up to defend her love for Christmas.

She said, “I don’t spoil them throughout the year. If they want something, they have to do chores and buy it themselves. If they break their phones, for example, they don’t just get a new one from me. They get stuff they need, but they don’t get spoiled. Christmas has always been a big day for me, and I like to carry that on. I don’t really care what people think. I work, and I work hard. I have two jobs. I think to myself ‘it’s my money and they are my kids.’ If I want to spoil them at Christmas, I’m going to do it, and nobody is going to change my mind.”

Hundreds of people shared their reactions on Daily Mail. It is a mixed bag because some people appreciate her love for Christmas and her children, while others thought it was over the top.

“Either way, it looks tacky and pointless. Where would you store it all after?? I would rather spend lots of money on experience’s, then loads of presents.”

“I got loads of presents when I was a child but struggle to remember them, what I do remember is the time spent with my parents, something that’s going to be in short supply of you have two jobs.”

Although Tapping has a lavish style for Christmas giving, her children do not want for anything at least one day a year.

What do you think about the number of gifts she gives her beloved children?

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