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When We Saw These Signs At The Dog Park, I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes

There’s a wealthy town in Maryland known as Chevy Chase that aims to control everything it can about its residents and those who decided to visit. But the sign that was recently caught at the local dog park has people questioning the sanity of those in charge. However, the idea of the sign did not just come from the brain of one person – representatives from the wealthy Maryland village came together and voted to approve a measure that would forever change the way locals play with their dogs at the dog park.

The Chevy Chase dog park outraged neighbors, who hated hearing dogs having fun. The barking was getting on their nerves, so they worked together to post signs that made it clear to dog owners that their dogs were only supposed to have a moderate amount of fun. That’s why you’ll see “No excessive barking” signs posted around the posh town’s dog park.

Although the town posted the “no excessive barking” signs, neighbors continued to complain about the noise coming from the dog park. They wanted silence. They did not want dogs to bark. They did not want dogs to play. They wanted their exclusivity protected – and that meant people with dogs had to get away from them.

Neighbor Joanie Edwards is one of the leading complainers about the dogs. She attended a town board meeting in May to complain about the excessive barking. An audio recording captured her saying the following:

“Around dinner time, I’d like to be able to sit on my deck and maybe read a book and chat with a friend or have a glass of wine, and the dogs are barking.”

Joanie Edwards is not the only neighbor who complains about the noise from the Brookville Road Park. Because so many people barked at them during the board meeting, the Chevy Chase Board of Managers is now in talks to shut down the dog park.

“In order for it to no longer be a dog exercise area, it will have to be de-established by the board,” Shana Davis-Cook, the village’s manager, told DailyMail.com.

Because Chevy Chase residents don’t want to hear dogs barking, the village’s board will talk about “de-establishing” the dog exercise park at their next meeting. The village board is chaired by Elissa Leonard, who is married to Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome H. Powell.

Until the board meets on September 9, owners are expected to keep their dogs from barking.

Chevy Chase is home to about 10,000 people. The median income is $173,000 – if the residents can be trusted to report all their income. The residents are not only upset about barking dogs, but they also complained about animals “relieving themselves on Quincy Street.”

The town has so much money they hired epidemiologist Kristina Souders to study dog and human behavior at the park in May and June. She found that the park did have a lot of barking.

Real estate broker Tom Bourke, who lives across the street from the park, told board members that some owners could silence their pets, even one with “a certain standard poodle whose name should be withheld.”

What do you think about the serious problems of Chevy Chase, Maryland?

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