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When We Saw This Father’s Day Card At The Store, We Couldn’t Believe Our Eyes

Every year Father’s Day is the perfect time to recognize dad and shower him in love. And retailers make it easier for you to do so every year. Even when people don’t have a father in their life, Walmart and Target sell cards that for all sorts of occasions and relationships. Whether you’re looking for a traditional card, one for “Papa,” or one for a granddaughter to her grandfather, a greeting card is available to suit your needs.

But now Target has come under fire for selling a Father’s Day card that is just too racy for the general public. Customer Takeisha Saunders was outraged when she walked into Target to browse for a Father’s Day card and saw one with the words “Baby Daddy” written in cursive across the front. And because this was the only card Target sold that featured an African American couple on the cover, she was offended by the connotation.

“You CANNOT be serious Target!!!! Really!!!?!!!?” she wrote. “This was the only Father’s Day card that featured a black couple!!!!”

Because she shared an image of the card on Twitter along with her comment, her remark went viral. Buzzfeed contacted her for a reaction, and she described how the card made her feel.

“I saw this card and was surprised and disappointed,” she told Buzzfeed. “My husband is not my baby daddy.”

Saunders found herself in good company. The card offended a lot of people. Taneesha Hamilton was another person who exposed the card to criticism on social media. She thought a card with “Baby Daddy” on the cover would be fine if it were not linked with a black couple. But the couple selected for the card “indicates they think only black women have baby daddy’s (sic).”

On Thursday, Hamilton wrote a lengthy critique of the card, which read:

“I normally don’t comment on the dumb crap, but I had to comment on this one. Because it has an Africa-American couple on the card, which to me indicates they think only black women have baby daddy’s (sic). It probably wouldn’t have mattered if they just put baby daddy on the card and left the couple off. I don’t recall ever seeing a slot for baby daddy on any birth certificate, social security form, etc. Some people think the gesture is amusing. I don’t. Target you get the (finger) for this one.”

Various other social media users also contributed their outrage to the conversation. And as the situation heated up and amounted to more bad press for Target, the corporation released a statement.

“We want all guests to feel welcomed and respected when they shop at Target,” spokesman Joshua Thomas told Insider. He added that Target never intended “to offend any of our guests with the products we sell.”

The company that created the racy card was American Greetings. They said that if you open the card up, it is “clear” the card was intended for a “loving husband.” But they agreed that when the cover is “taken out of context” it can have an “unintentional meaning that we are strongly against perpetuating.”

American Greetings added, “We should do better in the future, and we will.”