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When We Saw This Standing In The Middle Of The Road, We Knew Something Was Very Wrong

Having a child is a lot of responsibility, starting from day all the way until they are fully grown adults. Plenty of people still need help from their parents after that even, but it’s more important to keep an eye on the little ones. Anyone with kids knows how quickly they can disappear without an eye on them – it can be absolutely terrifying.

Back in April of 2016, a married couple was heading home from the local grocery shop when they saw a rather disturbing sight. The Cincinnati, Ohio natives happened to have a dash cam on in case of an accident that caught the entire bizarre encounter on tape.

As the car turns, you see a small child appear in the center of the road. It almost seems surreal, to see a child so small and alone in the middle of the road. Something is clearly wrong if you come across a situation like this.

The husband jumped out of his vehicle at light-speed and ran over to the toddler as quickly as he could. He began to yell for a parent, for help, for anything to make sense of this sad sight. Suddenly, a woman appeared from out of a nearby backyard responding to his screams.

The woman then ran up to the man and the child in a panic, apparently thinking that her child had been asleep while she was presumably having a good time in the backyard.

The man screams, “Are you kidding me?” at the woman, frustrated with how close this ignorant woman let her child get to his tragic death. Emotions were high but while everyone makes mistakes, this woman needed to learn a lesson in ensuring the safety of the children she brings into this world.

While this story has a happy ending, it isn’t hard to imagine what could have taken place if this couple hadn’t appeared at just the right time. People drive tired, distracted, while they are eating – some even do their makeup behind the wheel of a vehicle speeding down the road. A toddler is small enough that he or she wouldn’t really pop up in front of the car, so it is truly a miracle that this poor child wasn’t injured whatsoever.

While there is no need to place blame, this is an important lesson for all parents to learn. You can never be too careful when it comes to taking care of your kids, especially once they gain the ability to walk but not the sense to know where they are going.

Youtube commenter samsara 1970 brought a little perspective into the situation, saying, “It does make me mad when these things happen, but I do get it. Toddlers are hard work and if you are not on the ball, they will try to escape any way they can!”

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