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While Mom Was Getting Ready For Work, The Kids Were Playing With The Electric Razor

Moms do so much for their families. If you count for all the cooking, cleaning, household chores, child care, and other jobs homemakers do for their families to keep the household running, you’d recognize that their services easily equate to $100,000 or more per year if they were paid for their work. Instead, moms are hardly ever rewarded for all the work and sacrifices they make to put their families first – and few, if ever, do moms get a break from it all just to relax and enjoy some “me time” by themselves or out with their girlfriends.

That’s why Stephie Leigh was super excited to get a break from her family. She’s worked so hard to make sure everything was perfect that she just wanted a few hours to herself. Because she trusted another caretaker to watch over her young son and daughter, Stephie was able to get out of the house for some much needed time away from the chaos.

But when she came back, she found that the caretaker had been negligent and young Teddy had found the electric razor.

Thankfully no one was hurt – at least no one was bleeding. Teddy had used the razor to shave off both his and his sister Eloise’s hair, leaving them looking like ragdolls that have been neglected for years.

Because Stephie came home to find this, she could not help but laugh. She took out her phone and started documented the mistakes of her children, so she could share it on the internet and have other people laugh along with her plight as a mom.

In a series of Instagram clips, Stephie shows how much damage Teddy did while no one was watching him and his sister. Because he ruined both their hair, Stephie had no choice but to shave the rest of it all off – on both of them. Young Eloise did not like that one bit.

When Stephie starts the clip, she’s crying. She describes how her son cut off his sister’s hair with the electric razor – a dangerous object in the hands of such a destructive young boy.

Stephie works as a nurse and lives in Texas. She just wanted a break from all the stress of her life but instead came home to find everything in a state of utter chaos. Hair was everywhere. Tears were streaming down faces. Teddy was trying to blame someone else.

Teddy shaved the entire back of his sister’s head leaving only her pigtails.

“It’s only hair,” Stephie reminds herself. Her children are not truly hurt. But the little girl certainly is traumatized. “Okay, it’s just hair, and it’s going to grow back, and Mommy’s okay. Why did you let your brother do that?”

Teddy answers for his sister, shutting out her objections.

“She said she liked me doing that a lot, and I did it, and we wanted to show you.”

Stephie asks Eloise if she likes her new haircut, and the little girl answers “No.”

Once again Teddy was caught in a lie, trying to cover his behind from a spanking desperately.

Teddy also shaved his baby brother’s head.

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