Widow Schedules A Photo Shoot For Her Newborn, But Can’t Believe Who Is Waiting For Her There : AWM

Widow Schedules A Photo Shoot For Her Newborn, But Can’t Believe Who Is Waiting For Her There

Life is full of bittersweet moments. But for Britt Harris, of Pinehurst, North Carolina, life had just been bitter recently. Her husband, U.S. Army Specialist Chris Harris had been deployed overseas when he learned that Britt was pregnant was their first child. Harris, 25, was elated to learn that he would have a son or daughter of his own. But just one week later, he was killed when a suicide bomber attacked him during his deployment in Afghanistan.

Britt was devastated. She hoped to share the birth of their baby and raise the child together. She had so many hopes and dreams for their young family and their future. But the suicide bomber took that all away from her in a flash of explosives.

After Chris was killed, the 2nd Battalion, 504th Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division wanted to help. Chris’s band of brothers knew that Britt was suffering and expended their help in the most extraordinary way.

Before Chris’s death, Britt knew how much his brothers in arms meant to him. Because he was now gone, she knew that he would have wanted his fellow soldiers to be involved in any way they could.

Gathering up all her courage, Britt did something extraordinary. She wanted her baby’s gender reveal to be special. Instead of just telling her friends and family, she asked Chris’s fellow soldiers to record a video of them making the announcement. While they were overseas risking their lives for America, they took a moment to record the heartwarming video that Chris would never get to see. Britt was pregnant with a baby girl.

After she gave birth on March 17, 2018, Britt knew that she needed to memorialize the girl’s father. She named the daughter Christian after her father who died in combat.

But that was not all. On the day Christian was born, Chris’s brothers in arms all came back to the United States to be there and support Britt.

“Knowing that we could come home to a baby girl, that was awesome,” Sgt. Nathan Arthur Bagley said. “When everyone came home, that was the day she was born, so that made it ten times better.”

As soon as Britt saw her little girl, she remembered her husband. She could see his courage and grit in her eyes. And she swelled with love for the way of the world.

“It’s refreshing to see those blue eyes again,” mom said.

But that was only the beginning of how his fellow soldiers would help Britt.

After Christian was a couple of months old, Britt knew it was time to schedule a photo shoot.

To further commemorate the baby’s birth, twenty of Chris’s military comrades held out their hands and held baby Christian for an adorable photo shoot.

After Chris’s death, his fellow soldiers came together in a big way to support his pregnant wife and help her grieve by celebrating the birth of her daughter.

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