Wife Sets Up Hidden Camera And Uncovers Husband’s Habit Has Him Arrested On The Spot : AWM

Wife Sets Up Hidden Camera And Uncovers Husband’s Habit Has Him Arrested On The Spot

A Florida wife’s world was caught upside down when she witnessed the most sickening display of inhumanity on her home security footage. She had trusted her husband and had never suspected him of being unfaithful to her during their marriage. But when her instinct told her to review their home security footage, she was utterly stunned when she saw him engaging in a sex act with their pet Chihuahua.

When the shock wore off, the Florida woman was filled with rage. Not only was her husband unfaithful to her, but he was also cheating on her with their pet dog. She immediately called the cops and exposed his twisted behavior to the proper authorities.

61-year-old Manuel Ramon Gonzalez’s sick secret was discovered in November when his wife caught him having sex with their dog on their home security cameras.

A dog expert said that the footage indicated that the poor animal was “in an uncomfortably submissive posture, with its head and ears down.”

But Gonzalez did not care about the dog’s wellbeing. He only cared about satisfying his twisted desire for pleasure.

His wife watched the footage as Gonzalez abused the animal while simultaneously touching himself. She confronted him and then called the police to come put him behind bars where he belongs.

The dog “did not like what was happening” and tried to escape several times. But it was a small dog, and Gonzalez easily overpowered the animal as he continued to molest it sexually. And he kept doing it until his wife confronted him about it. But who knows how many times it was just him and the dog without anyone watching him abuse the poor animal. Good thing she caught him when she did.

Every year Palm Beach County police departments respond to 30,000 animal abuse cases. But they rarely get a bestiality claim as they did when Gonzalez’s wife picked up the phone to expose her husband’s despicable habit.

“We do see a lot of (animal abuse). A lot of times we wish there was more we could do,” Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control Captain Dave Walesky said. “We wish there were stronger laws. We wish people would immediately go to jail and stay there.”

Florida is the top state of animal abuse claims. So Gonzalez is living around people who think the same way he does.

After his wife discovered his secret, she exposed him to the police. He was arrested. And he had no hope of getting out of it because of the video evidence, so he pleaded guilty to animal cruelty and sexual activity with an animal.

But the judge gave the cruel pet owner a slap on the wrist. He will spend 100 days in jail with 12 months probation.

It is unreported if Gonzalez’s wife plans to stay married to him after she saw what he really does when she has her back turned. The way people act when they do not think others are watching really exposes them for who they are.

Do you think his 100-day jail sentence fits the crime?