Wild Horse Shows His Appreciation In Heartwarming Display For Guy Who Saved His Life (video) : AWM

Wild Horse Shows His Appreciation In Heartwarming Display For Guy Who Saved His Life (video)

Animal cruelty is one of the most painful things to hear about, and this practice in Romania of chaining wild horses will make your spirits take a quick downturn. To keep the horses from running away, people will chain the horses’ front or hind legs, which is very painful and often leads to cuts and injuries.

A veterinarian with the organization Four Paws International came to one of these horse’s rescue, freeing him from the chains and setting him free. At first glance, the horse was nervous by the vet and tried to run away, distrusting of any humans, given his condition.

The veterinarian, Ovidiu Rosu, approached the horse carefully before coming to cut the chains from the animal’s front legs. The horse’s injuries from the chains are definitely disturbing.

One of the horse’s herd members later approached Rosu, touching his nose to the human, almost in gratitude for the kindness.

Four Paws International have been doing this animal rescue work for years, thankfully. As the site Animal Channel explains: “These horses were first brought to Romania around 300 to 400 years ago by the Tatars. The Tatars left many horses behind, and they started roaming freely through the area. Many horses were also set free in 1989, after the agricultural cooperatives in the area broke apart. This led to a huge population boom—by 2010, there were as many as 1,500 horses living in the Danube Delta.”

The site further notes that the horses came to the Letea Forest for food, eating the tree bark and plants, as they explain, “Environmentalists and authorities in the area needed to control the horse population, so they decided to kill the horses.”

The Four Paws International organization assisted before the authorities took such drastic measures, providing other solutions to control the population, including contraceptives to control birth rates.

The program was a success, as a 2017 aerial census found there were less than 500 horses in the Letea Forest.

The organization continues to assist in the Danube Delta region, vaccinating the horses and giving them alternative food supplies of alfalfa in the winter.

Those commenters responding to Four Paws’ Facebook post of the video applauded the horse’s saviors and were understandably upset that the animals were treated so poorly. One person wrote: “what a barbaric way to treat these magnificent creatures, so glad that there was a hero around. Bravo, these subhumans should not be allowed near an animal… what depraved cowards.”

Another commenter added: “Sadly, this country treats their animals horribly. The shelters kill them in awful, sadistic ways. The number of animals, specifically packs of dog, that are homeless on the streets and rail thin is astounding. They were passing a decision when I was visiting to kill all the feral dogs …1000’s of them. All countries including our own are guilty of doing awful things to beautiful creatures, but Romania wins here for barbaric, cruel practices.”

One commenter praised those who intervened, writing: “Thank goodness for the kind people. I don’t understand why some are so cruel to animals. Thank you to those who are heroes for these beautiful animals!”