A young woman from Hawaii named Jackie Li was dating a man for four years when something suddenly made him realize that their relationship was going nowhere. When Li asked her ex-boyfriend to buy her cold medicine because she was sick, he went to the store and picked up a container of Dayquil and then sent her a Venmo request asking her to repay him the seven dollars he spent helping her feel better when she was down and out.

Jackie Li has been creating TikTok videos from her home in Hawaii and has amassed a large following on the Chinese social media platform. In this particular video about her ex-boyfriend, which has gone viral, Li explains how shocked she was to receive an invoice from her boyfriend of four years after he went to go buy her cold medicine when she was sick.

The Venmo request was sent while Jackie Li was resting. She woke up to find her boyfriend’s request listed on her phone as he was asking her to reimburse him seven dollars for the cold medicine he purchased on her behalf.

Jackie Li explained that she dumped the man shortly thereafter because she prefers a relationship where partners don’t nickel and dime each other. She wants to be with a man who will purchase her cold medicine for her and not expect her to pay it back.

“One time I was feeling really sick and I asked my boyfriend at the time if he could buy me some cold medicine on his way home,” Jackie Li said in the viral TikTok video. “So after he finished work, he dropped by CVS and picked up some DayQuil for me. Really kind of him really appreciates that.”

Jackie reported that she went to sleep when her boyfriend got home with the medicine. However, she took the Dayquil before falling asleep so it had a chance to help relieve her cold symptoms.

“I wake up and he has Venmo charged me $7 for this medicine,” she added. “He Venmo charged me $7 for cold medicine.”

She said, “I think I prefer a relationship where it’s like, ‘Hey, I’ll get this, you get that the next time,’ and we’re not keeping track of our expenses, dollar by dollar. I should’ve known, but you know, we’re not together anymore so it wasn’t meant to be.”

Many people had words to say about Jackie Li’s story about her cheap ex-boyfriend. Many people felt that it was ridiculous for the man to charge his significant other for cold medicine when she needed it to feel better.

“Noooo… not medicine… NOT $7,” one fan wrote.

Another person added, “Watching couples nickel and find each other on Venmo is so funny like I can tell who is going to stick and who isn’t on charges ALONE.”

Do you think Jackie’s boyfriend should have charged her for the cold medicine?

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