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Woman Charges Family Members $40 A Head For Christmas Dinner, People Respond Accordingly

Christmas, and the holiday season as a whole, is a time for giving and spending time with your loved ones. It is common for people throughout the world to gather for a meal on or around the respective holiday that their family celebrates during December and January. In some families, one person does the cooking and the rest come and enjoy. In others, the dinner is more of a potluck style. However, you often do not hear of one cooking and then charging their loved ones to come and celebrate.

In a recent story that is trending on social media, a mom revealed that she charges her family members 30 euros to attend her holiday feast. She justifies this by talking about the hours she spends at the supermarket, then preparing the food and then slaving away in the kitchen. It is true that hosting a holiday meal is very costly and exhausting for the person doing all, or at least most, of the work. Because of this, Gemma Andrews, says that she charges all of the family and friends who attend the meal that she makes every year. She believes that more people should charge.

She was recently on The Morning, a television show, to talk more about her choice to charge her family members. She said that she just got tired of always being left out of pocket when she was the one doing all of the work for the members of her family to enjoy a meal.

She says that the first Christmas Eve that she hosted dinner, five people did not show up, resulting in her having a lot of excess food that she had to deal with. The following year, she attempted to have her guests all bring a dish to try and reduce the cost and workload that she had to take on to accomplish the meal. However, at this time, she says that people would say that they forgot and did not bring anything, leaving Gemma to run around stores at the last minute trying to find side dishes for a complete meal.

At that point, she thought up the idea to charge those who come to her home for the holidays. She says that she only charges the adults and never the children to attend.

Some people felt like Gemma was treating the holiday more like a business and they were not happy with it. When one of the show’s host mentioned this angle, she responded that no one is being forced to attend.

It seems that people are split on whether they think what Gemma does is acceptable. Some feel that she deserves a little reimbursement for all of the money and time she puts into getting the meal prepared and on the table for her guests. Other people have said that they feel she is being greedy by charging her guests. A few people tossed in a handful of expletives to show how much they did not care for this mom’s way of handling holiday dinner.