Woman Claims She Has The Longest Tongue In The World, Footage Grosses Many Out (Video) : AWM

Woman Claims She Has The Longest Tongue In The World, Footage Grosses Many Out (Video)

The Guinness Book of World Records has been showcasing unique broken records since 1955. Some of these records consist of basic jaw-dropping records such as the tallest person in the world, or the most flexible. And others are rather bizarre, like the man who was determined to walk the furthest distance while holding a table in his mouth. There seems to be a record for everything. One woman is pining for the number one spot for longest tongue. Ocala, Florida resident, Gerkary Bracho Blequett, is determined to break the record with her 4.48 inch tongue and she’s not going to let anyone get in her way. The current record belongs to Nick Stoeberl, who has a verifiable 3.97 inch tongue.

The news of Blequett’s exceptionally long tongue is new to her, and she didn’t realize she even had a shot at the number one spot until her friends dared her to do a tongue stunt.

“I first realized it was really long when my friends wanted me to show them if I could lick my eye and I tried it and it was shocking,” Blequett said. “I was stretching it for like a week so it could get longer to see if I could touch my ear. I managed to reach my ear and I can also lick my elbow.”

In the clip below you can witness Blequett showing off a few of the tricks that she is hoping will make her tongue famous.

You can see the noteworthy length of her tongue when she simply sticks it out and stretches it downward. There is no doubt that she would have a lot of luck catching flies.

And Blequett can not only touch her nose with her tongue, but she shows how she can maneuver it so it reaches for each nostril as well as the very tip of her nose.

In possibly the best display of her worthy tongue, Blequett shows us how it can reach as far as her ear. With a little help from her hand, she is able to stretch her tongue so it touches the tip of her ear. And with a little tugging, she can bring her tongue all the way up to her eye.

She admits that she has to spend a good chunk of time stretching her tongue, but once she has it limbered up she is capable of some pretty impressive moves.

Going beyond her facial features, Blequett shows us how her tongue can reach her elbow when she holds it up alongside her face.

But, a long tongue comes with some downsides according to the Guinness Book of World Records competitor.

“I don’t like the fact that some men think because I’m posting long tongue pictures they can talk to me in a sexual way,” she said. “It makes me uncomfortable and it’s kind of nasty. The first thing they say is, ‘Your boyfriend should be really lucky’ and I’m like ‘I don’t have a boyfriend.’”

The current record holder, Stoeberl, isn’t threatened by his competition just yet and he feels that Blequett may be using some optical illusions to make it appear longer than it actually is.

May the best tongue contestant win!