Woman Finds Herself At The Center Of A Criminal Investigation After Amazon Sends Her The Wrong Item : AWM

Woman Finds Herself At The Center Of A Criminal Investigation After Amazon Sends Her The Wrong Item

The internet is an amazing and beautiful place. For decades, people from all over the world have come together in its message-boards and chat communities to make new friends and circles around diverse topics and information. Today, you can find the answer to just about any question on the internet. With the advent of Amazon and other websites, you can buy just about anything online too. And Amazon will deliver it to your door.

When one considers all the orders placed every day – even every minute – on Amazon, and all the crazy requests people make, it is perhaps surprising that Amazon doesn’t get it more wrong, more often. Instead, Amazon almost always gets it right. But then there are those times it goes wrong – and when it does go wrong, it seems to go spectacularly wrong. Consider the story below.

A woman named Meagan Day enjoys relaxing in her sauna – in fact, she enjoys it so much she decides she needs one a fancy sauna hat. Now, a sauna hat is made of felt, which insulates and so, inside a sauna, keeps the wearer’s head nice and cool, so they may relax in the sauna for a longer time without overheating. So this item is a bit unusual, and it makes sense that Meagan would turn to Amazon for the answer. Sure enough, Amazon has what she is looking for. Meagan completes her order for one of these felt sauna hats without hesitating. It was the perfect one and she looked forward to its delivery

Here is where it all goes wrong. A month later, when Meagan returns home to find an Amazon package outside her door, she is very excited. She can’t wait to hop in the sauna and slip her new hat on. You can imagine her puzzlement when what she finds inside the Amazon box is not her hat but a small vial of liquid. What Amazon had delivered to her was something from the Ukraine, but by way of Cuba. A cancer drug developed in Cuba, made with the venom of blue scorpions. Such a niche item! But also such a niche item that it is, in fact, illegal!

Now, Meagan hasn’t yet tried ordering scorpion venom to see if she is instead delivered her felt sauna hat, but that may be the answer. It would be quite humorous to discover that Amazon had some glitches in its system that meant ordering certain things results in other things being delivered. Amazon hasn’t commented on the problem Meagan had, but it represents something more concerning for Amazon has it shouldn’t be possible to order illegal drugs through its system.

The internet and online shopping have opened up a world of possibilities to consumers everywhere. Now, with a few clicks, anyone who may not even have heard of a felt sauna hat before, can order one online – just be careful, you may end up with an illegal cancer drug made out of scorpion venom – or something else even crazier – instead!