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Woman Has A Stroke After Sexual Encounter Ends Up Feeling Too Good

A British woman suffered a stroke after her partner performed oral sex on her that was just too good. As she was “nearing orgasm,” the 44-year-old woman passed out because blood vessels exploded within her skull. She suffered a stroke and was rushed to the hospital as quickly as possible. For this one unfortunate woman, it seems like sex was more of a headache than it was a source of relief.

Although the woman only suffered a “moderate” headache when she woke up from her unconsciousness, her partner knew that something was very wrong. She was rushed to the emergency room nonetheless – and it was a good thing too because she had suffered a potentially deadly medical condition and one of the leading causes of death.

The medical professionals who examined the woman were unable to testify to what exactly caused her stroke. However, they do think that the woman’s pleasure from the sex “well-described” the increase of blood pressure that could have resulted in the bursting of blood vessels inside her head.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, was treated at the West Middlesex University Hospital, which is located in Isleworth, just outside of London. The partner, who was not identified as being either a man or a woman, had been performing oral sex on the victim when they noticed that “her body was stiff.”

The doctors who treated the woman’s bizarre case published a report about it in the BMJ Case Reports, writing:

“On closer history taking, the patient reported nearing orgasm while receiving oral sex from her partner before losing consciousness. She had been otherwise well preceding the event.”

By the time the woman was rushed to the emergency room, she was not in any apparent distress. Her vital signs were strong, and she was conscious and responsive. She did feel nauseous but did not have to vomit.

Because medics did not know what happened to her, they put her head through a CT scan to get some more information. They suspected that she might have suffered from a seizure. However, the scan revealed that there was blood between her brain and skull, which is a sign of stroke.

The woman was diagnosed with subarachnoid hemorrhage, a type of bleeding on the brain, which is not common, but was “small in size.”

Although the doctors were unable to identify the exact cause of what happened to the woman, they were pretty confident that the sexual activity was “well-described” as what could have caused the popping of blood vessels on her brain. The sex had been so good it caused the woman to have a stroke.

Studies have been done on intercourse, but researchers believe that oral sex could have much the same effect on the brain.

“Older studies with [artery] monitoring during coitus demonstrate that during sexual activity blood pressure, as well as heart rate, is very [liable to change], with particular rises during orgasm,” they wrote.

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