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Woman Posts Photo Of Coworker’s “Mac And Cheese” He Brought To A Party And Everyone Is Horrified

When it comes to holiday dishes, macaroni and cheese is a common staple. Although it might not be at everyone’s dinner table on Thanksgiving and Christmas, it certainly delights people when they see it. Not only do the flavors of mac and cheese span generations – children, as well as great-grandparents, can enjoy the delights of this dish – it also is quite easy to make.

Because there really are only a few ingredients to the dish, it allows for a lot of creativity. So long as you boil the pasta for the right length of time and melt the cheese into it, you should be able to produce a delectable macaroni and cheese dish that you, your family, or your coworkers can enjoy.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a “cheesy” thumb when it comes to cooking dinner in the kitchen. And Twitter user CoolStoryJanis knows all about how bad macaroni and cheese can be. Because she participated in a potluck dinner with coworkers, she was happy to see what her friends at work brought. But as it turned out, the fare they contributed was utterly disturbing. And as CoolStoryJanis turned to her followers on Twitter to vent about the yucky food, people started responding with good humor and lots of comments.

Because Janis wanted everyone to be happy, she made lumpia for her coworkers. In the photos, you can see that they look rather delicious. They’re crunchy and hearty and filled with deliciousness in every bite. The same cannot be said for the people she works with.

Her coworker thought it was easy to make macaroni and cheese. But the person – who shall not be named – somehow missed the most important part of the dish. They completely missed the part where they were supposed to melt the cheese into the hot macaroni. Instead, they just dropped some shredded cheese into the noodles and prayed that their coworkers would devour it without question. Wrong. Everyone at the job hated it and started laughing about it behind the person’s back. That’s when Janis snapped a picture and shared the example of bad cooking with the world.

Janis shared side to side photos of the macaroni and cheese along with the words, “Look at the macaroni & cheese my coworker brought to our potluck today. Bruh.”

It goes without saying that Janis was disgusted by what she saw.

Janis also wrote, “I’m so offended. She literally poured cooked macaroni into a pot & put shredded cheese on top with not an ounce of seasoning.”

Janis’s tweet was flooded with comments and responses. Some people sympathized with the “adversity” that Janis and her co-workers faced, even asking if it was right to call 911.

Another person wrote, “Had she used the cheese powder + sprinkled the extra shredded cheese on top, we wouldn’t be having the conversation. That would have been fire.”

One person wrote, “Had she done that, she would have been the lovable coworker who just can’t cook, not a vile assailant committing workplace harassment.”

What’s your reaction to his holiday dish?

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