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Woman Promises She’s Not Dating Man Twice Her Age For The Money. Do You Believe Her?

A young fitness trainer has come under attack after falling in love with a father-of-four who is more than twice her age. Because people are outraged that such a young woman could want to marry a man so much older than her, they have branded 24-year-old Najiah Muhammad a “gold digger” and her husband-to-be 48-year-old John Malott a “sugar daddy” after they met and fell in love at a nightclub.

Now the pair are engaged. At first loved one disapproved of their relationship because of the massive age gap. However, now that they have gotten to know the other person better, they see that they are genuinely in love – and their love has proved lasting.

Because she likes being part of the family, Najiah goes clubbing with her fiancés’ adult daughters who are about her age.

The couple met in 2016. Malott was at the club celebrating his birthday, and the pair met eyes and were immediately attracted to each other.

“What attracted me to John at first was how well this man could dress,” Najiah said. “Then when I saw his dance moves and rhythm, I was very impressed. He’s also very charismatic, handsome and has a kind heart… It was almost love at first sight – within weeks actually. The amount of time we spent together, all day and night, our connection grew very strong.”

Mallott was immediately attracted to Najiah. She is a beautiful young woman. But when he started talking to her, her personality hooked him, and he fell in love.

Najiah, from Arizona, said: “It didn’t seem that he was talking to someone younger than him because the conversations never went dull. I think we get along extremely well because I’m mature for my age – and I guess you can say he can be immature but never in a bad way.”

Because Najiah was around the dad’s daughters’ ages, they found it hard to accept her. But once they got to know her, they included her in the family.

Mallott’s daughters are between the ages of eight and twenty-six. That means his oldest is older than his wife-to-be. And, Carissa, his second oldest, who is twenty-five, found it very hard to accept this turn of events.

Najiah remembered, “John has four daughters; in the beginning of our relationship it was tough for the daughter who is closest to my age, so she refused to meet me or talk to me.”

Because of their age gap, the couple gets criticized a lot.

“Friendships we had for years ended, but we didn’t let any of it tear us down,” she said. “Looking back, it actually made us stronger.”

Although Mallott is more than twice his fiancée’s age, they’re not going to let anything stop them from being in love.

“People see that I’m a younger woman dating an older gentleman and assume I’m after him for money, but I have my own business, and we’re building businesses together,” she said. “We don’t let the opinions of other people affect our life and our relationship.”

What do you think about their unconventional love?

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