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Woman Regrets The Controversial Decision She Made On Her Marriage License

As women continue to push for equal rights, there is an ongoing debate on many topics surrounding equal rights. One of those debates involves whether it is right or wrong for a wife to keep her own name after tying the knot. While some believe that it is obviously a woman’s right to choose what name she wants to use, others feel that it is disrespectful to the husband.

One British mom is sparking some controversy after she vented on a Mumsnet social media post about how she is fed up with people criticizing her about how she chose to use her own name after she got married. She backed up her decision to keep her own surname because she wasn’t crazy about her husband’s surname and she was a strong supporter of the feminist movement, and she simply liked her own surname. She felt that it was odd for people to still have a problem with her independent decision, given it is 2018 and major progress has been made when it comes to the women’s equal rights. She also shared that her family is so against this lack of name change that they address her by her husband’s surname when they send her things.

“I don’t feel like our name is the vital thing that links us together,” she said of her husband and son, explaining that she really doesn’t care whether they share the same name or not.

The debate came after she shared this comment on Mumsnet and there was no shortage of opinions expressed on the topic. Some said that they felt that a woman should give up her name so that children can have the same last name as both of the parents. On the other hand, a group of other commenters disagreed, saying that it wasn’t feminist to take on the name of your husband.

Do you think women should continue to take their husband’s names in marriage?