When Maryland woman Deanna O’Donnell turned to TikTok to share a video of her workout at the gym, she was ridiculed by numerous trolls who accused her of only wearing “booty shoots” and a sports bra to garner more male attention from others. In the video, O’Donnell reveals herself during her workout in light blue short shorts and a white sports bra as she records herself near the squat rack at her gym.

The video was uploaded to the Chinese-created social media app TikTok along with text that stated, “Girls that dress like this at the gym just want male attention.” The gym rat’s video has been viewed more than three hundred and sixty thousand times and counting as it continues to get a lot of attention from both men and women on the Chinese-created platform.

Although many people accused O’Donnell of dressing down at the gym to get attention from the men who are working out there, she claims that she did it only for herself. In the TikTok video, she clapped back at the numerous internet trolls who criticized her by replying to the text that was on screen with, “Or to look hot for ourselves?”

Lots of people immediately went for the comment section to either agree with the gym goer or to argue with her.

One supporter wrote, “It’s literally just to look at ourselves, actually.”

Another person wrote, “Honestly, I prefer compliments from other women WAY MORE than men, especially when I’m at the gym.”

“It’s actually to feel more confident within ourselves, and with that confidence, we have a better workout, lol,” another supporter wrote in the TikTok comments.

However, there were still a lot of trolls who felt that O’Donnell wore her revealing outfit to get some attention from the men working out at the gym. These people claim that even if she is wearing the booty shorts to look at herself in the mirror, she probably has some interest in getting men to gaze in her direction while she does her squats and other workout moves.

One person simply wrote, “Attention and validation.”

Other people contributed more comments to continue the discussion.

“It doesn’t mean you don’t want attention just because you don’t give any back,” one troll argued.

Another added: “If you are not wearing it at home where no one can see you, then you’re not wearing it for yourself.”

Others were more sympathetic to the idea that people don’t always need validation.

One wrote: “I feel like clothing is a form of expression, and you can choose what you want to express at any given time; if it makes you happy, then wear it.”

A few suggested opting for clothes that make you look good but are still comfortable to wear.

“Sometimes you don’t have to go for ‘trendy’ and sacrifice comfort,” one user said.

Another agreed, writing: “I think it’s important to still dress nice but be comfortable.”