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Woman Says She Was Raised To Take Of Her Husband. Now She’s Being Attacked

One woman has come forward online to say something rather taboo in today’s feminist culture. She revealed on Twitter that she was raised by her conservative parents to take care of her husband. As a young college student from Texas, Brylea Kay thought there was nothing wrong with the way of life she had been raised to accept. Instead of focusing on her future and her abilities, she was raised to focus on the abilities of her husband and to lift him up and make their collective life as a family better.

But it was on June 10, 2019, that Byrlea learned that her views are rather controversial in the modern-day American climate. Because women are offered similar opportunities as men – except not always for the same pay – they have the chance to strike out for a career without having to give up on having a family.

But Brylea never expected her Twitter post to go viral, especially since she felt she was simply espousing “old fashion” tried-and-true American values.

“Call me old fashioned, but I was raised to take care of my husband,” the unmarried girl wrote on Twitter. “Make his plate every night, wash his work clothes for him, make sure he’s up for work the next morning, always have a clean house for him to come home to, etc. And that’s exactly (the) wife I’ll be.”

Although she was simply trying to express her values concerning her future husband and putting herself out there for any interested man in Texas, she never expected to get railed in response via the trolls lurking under the bridges across the social media site.

Some of the responses were extreme. There were ever a few people issues death threats, hoping that she would die. That’s unfair. While they might not agree that every woman has to do this for her husband – or that parents should raise their children to think of marriage like this – it is her right to live the kind of life she wants, no matter how limited some feminists might think it is.

Many people shot back with some rather incendiary remarks.

“This is (the) most cringe-worthy tweet I’ve seen in a while,” Danni Short wrote. “Put it right there with ‘I can’t wait to see my husband destroy our kids on a tube’ and the ‘I can’t wait to pregame with my husband in the parking lot at our daughter’s dance recital.'”

Another so-called progressive wrote, “Call me progressive, but I would take being single any day over having to raise my husband.”

One person asked, “Straight people, Y’all okay?”

The problem that most people saw with Brylea’s vision of marriage was that she is expecting to totally sacrifice herself so she can be like a parent to a grown man. She is not expecting him to be independent enough to do his own laundry or to wake himself in the morning for work. While she might have a romantic view of life on a Texas ranch – and this lifestyle might work well for that type of situation – for more urban and suburban lives, it is a bit restrictive.

What do you think?

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