Woman Seeks The World Record After She Grew One To The Size Of Her Head In Her Backyard : AWM

Woman Seeks The World Record After She Grew One To The Size Of Her Head In Her Backyard

There are some pretty bizarre things in the Guinness Book of World Records, as people will go to great lengths to be listed in the record book. One man made it his mission to be recognized as having the stretchiest skin and another opted to eat the most Big Mac’s. And of course, there are those who try hard to have the most piercings and tattoos just so they break the previous record. There was even a guy who had the longest metal coil passed through his nose and out his mouth. And let’s not forget the guy who worked hard to hold a table in his mouth while balancing a 110-pound woman on it and walking across a room.

Well, the latest of these records involves a woman who just happened to stumble across what just might be the biggest avocado of all time. When Pamela Wang was on a walk in Kailua, Hawaii she came across a five-pound avocado. If you are a fan of the fatty fruit then you would be as excited as she was to pick up the food that was the size of her head. She found it underneath a tree that hung over a street. It’s a wonder that this giant avocado wasn’t seen before it fell to the ground. Considering it fell on a public street, she was free to grab it and claim it as her own.

Wang admitted that she sees these single-seeded berries every day but this one stood out.

“I see avocados every day, and I pick up avocados every day, but this one … it was hard to miss,” Wang said. “It was as big as my head.”

Wang didn’t hesitate to pick up the avocado and show it off to her friends, who immediately went online to find other recorded avocados of its size. Since they didn’t find one of the five-pound stature, she submitted an application to the Guinness Book of World Records, and she is expecting to hear back within two months.

Because the Guinness Book of World Records requires a professional to be present for this type of thing, Wang had the Executive Director of Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers, Ken Love, there for the weighing of the massive fruit.

“I’ve seen avocados longer and I’ve seen them fatter, but not both,” said Love, who verified the fruit’s weight at 5.23 pounds. “I think people have other ones that they don’t weigh, but I think this one, it was way up there.”

According to the Assistant Public Relations Manager of Guinness, Elizabeth Montoya, the company has yet to have a category for the largest avocado but it does have one for the heaviest.

And of course, commenters had a lot of humorous jokes to tell…

“What do you call an avocado blessed by the Pope? Holy Guacamole!!”
“You’re going to need a bigger chip.”
And others felt that maybe she should’ve told the owners of the tree…
“If that avocado used to be connected to my tree, I think I’d be rather upset with this woman!”