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Woman Uncovers Husband’s Affair During A Flight, Causes Plane To Perform Emergency Landing

Infidelity is something that no spouse ever wants to have to deal with. It can have a significant impact on your life and cause various emotional and mental troubles. There is never a good place or time to discover that your significant other is cheating. However, for one woman, she found this information at a time when it was the worst possible time.

While on a plane, a woman and her husband were traveling. She picked up his phone and used his fingerprint to unlock it. She probably did not expect to find much, but at the end of the day, she found evidence that he was cheating on her. After uncovering this information, a mid-flight emergency resulted.

The couple was on a Qatar Airways flight when this occurred. After she discovered that her husband was being unfaithful, she started to repeatedly hit him. It was clear that she was beyond upset after finding out that her husband was seeing another woman. Due to her hitting him and causing such a scene on the flight, the plane had to make an emergency landing and ended up putting the plane down in India.

The Hindustan Times reported that the woman, who was Iranian, decided to unlock her husband’s phone without his knowledge. He was reportedly sleeping and she gently grabbed his hand so that his fingerprint could be used to unlock the phone. It is not known if she was initially looking for evidence of cheating when she did this. It is certainly a bit suspicious that she waited until he was sleeping to do this. Most people who commented on the story believe that she suspected him of cheating and waited until he was asleep before she accessed the device to look for evidence.

When the altercation broke out after she discovered his infidelity, flight attendants did what they could to calm her down and intervene. However, the woman was so upset and nothing the flight attendants did helped the situation. Since you cannot have this type of incident occurring on a plane while it is in the air, the pilots were left with no choice by to land the plane. They had to contact an airport that they were close to which happened to be in Chennai, a city in southern India.

Once the plane was safely back on the ground, the staff made sure that the man, his wife and their child who was on the plane with them were removed. Once they were asked to leave the flight, the pilots got back in the air, traveling to the intended destination in Bali. The flight originated in Doha.

The local media states that the local police did not take any action against the couple. Instead, the family was forced to spend their day at the airport in Chennai. It is not known if they ended up getting another flight together or separately. It was also not said whether the fighting continued once they were at the airport. Hopefully, the couple is able to discuss the situation and find a more peaceful resolution.