There’s nothing like an extreme makeover to give you a new outlook on life. When Mary from Minnesota sat down for a new look in Makeover Guy Christopher Hopkins’ chair, she never could have expected how transformative the experience would be. Her “after” makes Mary almost unrecognizable after she goes through such a huge makeover. Mary addresses the camera in the “before” footage, makeup-free with shoulder-length graying hair.

Her request is quite simple — she wants to allow her hair to naturally gray and not continue applying the same hair dye from a box, but she doesn’t want to look old.

Mary actually stopped into Christopher’s studio for a hair cut and makeup tips so she wouldn’t look as frumpy and old but she got so much more out of the experience. She said she found Christopher by searching ‘makeovers’ on Google and found that the Makeover Guy was located nearby!

The Makeover Guy video’s description explains: “Mary came in for just a cut and makeup application. She was trying to grow out her grey but kept coloring the regrowth with a box color. The shorter I went the better it got, she just has that great head shape that can wear a real pixie cut. Brow shape made a huge difference as well as keeping the eye shadow very light for her deep-set eyes.”

Mary explained that she had been using the same brand and hair dye color from a box for over 20 years and wanted to change things up, saying, “I need a whole new look.”

Christopher gave her one of the most dramatic cuts out there — a pixie cut that was so short, it really did transform Mary in a huge way. He also colored her hair platinum so that she could easily transition to growing her gray hair out in a beautiful way.

Upon seeing the gorgeous cut and color, she said, “I am so excited. This is awesome. This is the best… I’m so excited!” She added, “I was not expecting this today, but growing out my gray hair now is gonna be awesome, it’s going to be so easy, I can’t wait.”

Mary noted that this makeover was an anniversary gift to her husband because he loves her with short hair and has been wanting her to go shorter with her cut. Now that she finally surrendered to the makeover process, she wondered why she waited so long!

She noted, “I’m flabbergasted with the outcome… very sorry I wasn’t here a long time ago because I’ve been looking frumpy for so long.” This new look has definitely motivated her to make other changes as well, as she said, “I want to work on the rest of me.”

Among the Makeover Guy’s many fans who sounded off in the video’s comments section was one person who noted: “Christopher, you continue to be absolutely amazing. She looks like a different person altogether. I would not have recognized her as the same person exiting the salon as who had entered. Unreal. Another great example of why clients should just let you implement your vision of how you see them without a bevy of preconditions. You are a gifted artisan.”

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