Belly button piercings are coming back in a big way. Generation Z has taken to the once-popular piercing as low-rise jeans, and crop tops come back in style. However, one woman on TikTok has come forward with a warning for any woman thinking about getting her belly button pierced any time soon. The woman, who also happens to be a mother, confessed that women need to seriously think through the consequences of having a belly ring if they ever hope to become pregnant one day.

Pregnancy has long been known to affect women in myriad ways. However, the baby bump can also deform the appearance of the belly button piercing.

Melinda Strauss shared the now-viral warning to all young women considering a belly ring. She wanted her TikTok channel to inform people that belly rings can change in bad ways during pregnancy. Her post has since been viewed many times and has accumulated a lot of comments from shocked women who didn’t know that pregnancy would change the appearance of their belly rings.

Strauss warned her followers and other TikTok users with the video that she captioned, “if you already have the piercing, I’m sorry I didn’t get to you in time! #piercings #learnedthehardway #hugemistake”

Fortunately, belly rings do not pose any safety concerns for pregnant women or their babies. However, it can cause discomfort in some cases as the baby bump continues to grow in size. And, as Strauss explains in her viral TikTok video, women’s belly ring piercings don’t always look that great after giving birth.

In her warning video, Strauss said, “Don’t get a belly button ring. I know they’re cute, and they’re fun… Don’t do it unless you’re never planning to have kids. You see, what happens is you get the belly button ring, and then you get pregnant. Some people keep it in, but that was always scared me. Then your belly stretches. Right? Your belly stretches and gets really, really big, and so does the hole from the belly button ring.

“Then everything deflates. The hole from the belly button ring doesn’t just go back to the way it was. It becomes like a second belly button. It’s not cute. I’ve actually had mine fixed.”

She doesn’t show her fixed belly button for the camera but insists that “I had a regular belly button and then I had a second belly button.

Dozens of people commented on the video included below. Many people celebrated Strauss’s viral success and were eager to let her know that they’re proud of what she has done with her TikTok account.

“For real, I got it as a ‘divorce present’ to myself, and I never wear a ring.”

“I was supposed to have mine fixed when I got my tubes tied.”

Some moms commented that their belly rings did not deform during pregnancy.

“I had three baby boys and wore (my belly ring) till delivery each time.”

“Mine was fine, even after two kids.”

What do you think about belly rings before or during pregnancy?

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