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Women Are Going Crazy For This Man’s “Sexy” Photos

When Michael Oonk realized that he was never going to have the six-pack abs and sports cars that most men think women want, he decided to do something different. He figured that women want a man who can handle the housework. A man who is kind and submissive and honest. That’s why he has turned his social media profile into a series of snaps featuring himself performing chores around the house – from cleaning the dishes to doing the laundry.

Oonk, who calls Plano, Texas home, figured that if he shared sultry snaps of himself doing the chores, women would be all over him like flies on garbage. If you scroll through his social media pages, you’ll see Oonk in all sorts of domestic roles. He shows himself walking the dog, cleaning the toilet, and washing dishes – all with the sexiest look he can pull off.

Ladies, he might not have six-pack abs or a fancy car, but Michael Oonk can wash your dishes all night long.

Oonk features his “come-to-bed-with-me eyes” in every picture despite the fact that he’s elbow deep in the toilet or scrubbing rancid garbage from the floor tiles. As the owner of a roof repair business, Oonk felt that he didn’t have anything to prove when it came to the physical aspect of masculinity. He was a tough, Texas guy who could endure the summer heat and be out in the sun all day working on rooves. But he wanted to showcase his more tender, domestic side for his prospective dates online.

He took the sultry series of domestic pictures on a Friday afternoon when he had to clean the house. He didn’t have any special agenda besides trying to showcase his humorous side – as well as his eagerness to please the women folk online.

The pictures originally went online back in March. But since then, they have been spreading across the internet like wildfire. They’ve had more than 430,000 shares and counting. People love what Oonk is up to – and that he is eager to clean.

In an interview with BoredPanda, Oonk admitted that he’s not actively looking for love. He has a girlfriend of one year named Laine who he’s hoping to propose to soon. She thinks the sexiest thing he does is clean the house.

“I will be proposing in the near future. It’s not a surprise. I love our relationship, and I’m very proud of it. I told her from the start. I wanted my actions to speak louder than anything I say.”

When Oonk took the photos, Laine was out of the house volunteering at a nearby women’s shelter for domestic violence. As you can tell, he picked a good one.

“The house wasn’t in great shape, so I thought I would clean it top to bottom. It was the least I could do. But I also got the idea to put it on Facebook, because I thought it would be funny.”

Oonk’s creative idea was a big hit. What do you think of his pictures?

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