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Women Are Marrying Trees To Save Them From Loggers Cutting Them Down

In Mexico, women are marrying trees to save them from loggers. Female activists in the Mexican state of Oaxaca held a mass marriage ceremony where each feminist married a tree to draw attention to the government’s failure to deal with the country’s illegal logging problem. While the measure these women are taking to protest logging, the problem is having a dramatic effect on the country.

Before one-third of Mexico’s land mass is covered by forest, loggers are illegally going around cutting down trees to turn a quick profit – at the cost of Mexico’s quality of life.

Oaxaca is being walloped by this mass deforestation. It is among one of the five Mexican states facing severe environmental consequences from the illegal practice. And criminal groups are to blame.

By marrying these trees, the women hope they can send a message to illegal loggers. While the criminals won’t care that certain trees have a wife, the women hope that other people will become aware of Mexico’s logging problem and take action like they are.

“Marrying a tree is a way of protesting, to say that we need to stop exterminating Mother Earth every day, every minute, every second,” leader of the female activists Dolores Leycigi told Yahoo Lifestyle.

The activists hosted the “Marry a Tree” event and got many women to participate. Fortunately, these “marriages” are not legally binding, so these women are not bound to their barky grooms. Since the trees could not consent to the marriage, the union will not be recognized by the Mexican government. But some of the women feel as if they really have just been married. And many wore wedding dresses for the occasion.

“I thought it was very interesting that we have a commitment, not only with this tree, but with all of nature,” Leycigi said. “I thought about how much we’ve already damaged nature, so I decided to come and get married.”

Although the form of protest is strange, it has a beauty to it that rings true for many women across Mexico and the world. Before man and woman were here, the earth was here.

An activist organization named Bedani founded the tree marrying ritual. And they were hoping it would both raise awareness about Mexico’s logging problem and give women a forum to share their love for Mother Earth. Without the planet, human life would not be sustained. In that way, it makes sense to honor nature.

According to Yahoo, the movement for these women to “marry” the trees is not a new idea. It was based on a similar rite led by Peruvian actor and environmentalist Richard Torres. He based the idea on the traditional Incan customs which were a way for people to pay their respects to nature and appreciate all the things the earth has given humans.

While it is certainly a strange thing to do, these women hope that by marrying trees others will see the beauty in nature.

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