Workers Were Furious When A Car Drove Through Their Fresh Concrete, But Are They To Blame? : AWM

Workers Were Furious When A Car Drove Through Their Fresh Concrete, But Are They To Blame?

Have you ever worked very hard only to have your project ruined? Perhaps you were building a model or making a decorative cake, and a toddler came up when you weren’t looking and destroyed it. When a toddler does damage like this can you really blame them? That’s why they call them the terrible twos. And a toddler only does what a toddler does. It is up to the parents and the guardians to make sure they don’t get into too much trouble. But this story does not involve destructive toddlers. It includes a negligent driver who careened through a freshly laid batch of concrete.

But who is to blame here? As you watch the short footage, you’ll witness how the construction crew failed to put up barricades to the section where they did their work. In a way, they welcomed cars into the freshly screed of concrete. If the drivers knew they were about to ruin their vehicles forever, I’m sure they would have gladly avoided the section.

The video below is a clip of a parking lot. Tim House uploaded it in 2016. He and a friend were in a high-rise building nearby and watched after a construction crew failed to put barricades up after fixing part of the parking lot. The concrete they put down is still wet and very dangerous. The clip then shows cars heading toward a fresh batch of concrete. The clip is made even funnier because two men are narrating it like it is a blooper reel or a sports game.

The first car, which is an SUV, manages to notice the dark spot on the road. They turn away and go down another section of the parking lot to avoid the fresh concrete. But the car coming up behind the SUV refuses to let some wet concrete slow them down. They plow right through it, and the narrators cannot believe what they just witnessed.

When the driver who made a mistake gets through the concrete, he approaches the construction workers who failed to do their job right. He yells at them for not putting up a barricade. And then the construction worker through his hat down in frustration and walks over to the patch of wet concrete. He then puts up the barricade that should have been put up a long time before.

And the driver in the purple car continues going about his day. Hopefully, the concrete will not ruin his vintage vehicle. Although if he’s willing to drive it through visibly wet concrete, he doesn’t seem to very much care about the condition of his ride.

Viewers like you shared their reactions in the comments:

“I replayed this video several times just laughing alongside of your commentary.  The construction guy throwing his hat was the best part.”

“Finally, a video like this that doesn’t have an awful cameraman or annoying commentary. Well done, fellas.”

Everyone seemed to like the clip – except for the construction crew and the driver who made a mistake.