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You Grew Up Looking At These Homes On TV, And Now We Know How Much They’re Worth

When you sit down and watch the complicated life of a TV family play out, we felt close to them and connected into their lives once every week. And while the homes might appear to be very similar to ours and other to those of other average Americans, most people probably could never hope to qualify for such an extravagant place to live.

Because most TV shows are filmed in Los Angeles, real estate prices there are through the roof. Like the San Francisco junker that we held together with duct tape, these family houses are all worth more than you’d think. Take a look at this list to see if you could afford to live at your TV family’s home.

Boy Meets World

Located in Studio City, California at 4196 Colfax Avenue, the Matthews family home is walking distance to the CBS Studio lot. Not that anyone in Los Angeles walks, but they could have if they wanted to. The price of this modest-looking home is well over $1 million.

Full House

On 1709 Broderick Street in San Francisco, California, you’ll find the home where the cast of Full House lived. Danny Tanner, the star of the family sitcom, owned the three-story Victorian home, which is now worth a staggering $4.15 million. Because the house is located in a prime San Francisco neighborhood, the old house built in the late 1800s is worth more than the wood from which it is built.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

In Los Angeles, on 251 North Bristol Avenue, you’ll find the home Will Smith moved to. You may be surprised, but the home was not in Bel-Air but in Brentwood. Now the mansion is worth $11 million.

The Brady Bunch

Drive through North Hollywood, California and swing by 11222 Dilling Street to see the iconic Brady Bunch house. The house was held after the show ended in the early 1970s for just $61,000. Now it is worth a staggering $2 million.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Filmed in Torrance, California, which is south of Los Angeles, 1313 Cota Avenue was Buffy’s famous home. And now it is priced at about $750,000.

The Golden Girls

At 245 N Saltair Avenue in Los Angeles, the iconic home where the Golden girls lived is worth $3 million. They were supposed to be in South Florida. The TV executives preferred to stay in the confines of LA.


America’s most average family lived in Evansville, Indiana at 619 South Runnymeade Avenue. Despite the fame of the show, the home is still worth little. The estimated price is only $100,000, so you might be able to get a mortgage on that one.


In the middle of New York City on 90 Bedford Street, you’ll find the place where Monica lived. Renting for just $4,200 per month for the apartment or even more, Monica was lucky she inherited the lease from her granny.

7th Heaven

At 527 Alta Avenue in Santa Monica, California, you’ll see a mansion worth lots of money. It’s also the location where 7th Heaven was filmed. With 12 rooms and a tennis court, this TV home is worth about $6.7 million.

Gilmore Girls

Located in the fictional Connecticut town of Stars Hollow, the Lorelai home is now worth about $3 million.

Did you recognize all of these homes? Which show was your favorite?