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You Watched Him On TV For Decades, But Can You Recognize This Disgraced Celebrity Now?

They say that the camera adds 10lbs. I guess that’s why it’s sometimes difficult to recognize our celebrities when we see them in real life. Or maybe it’s because we’re not expecting to see them, or that we’re seeing them out of context. Either way, spotting a celebrity can be a fun experience if you have the eye to recognize them.

Newsman Charlie Rose once graced televisions every day on CBS This Morning, but he’s all but fallen from the public eye after CBS fired him when three former staffers accused him of sexual misconduct. Now, for the first time in a year since he was let go, the disgraced journalist was seen walking in New York City. Rose appeared tired and hunched as he walked along the city streets.

Last November, the Washington Post first reported of Rose’s alleged sexual misconduct. He was fired the following day.

Fox News is reporting that CBS’ investigations into the claims lodged by the women against Rose are still ongoing, but there has been little done about the matter.

A source told Fox News: “It’s safe to say that everyone within the news division is upset. It’s been a very long year and we want to know what’s going on. No one’s telling us anything.”

A report from investigators is expected by be completed by the end of the year, with the board of CBS deciding on their action no later than January 31. Three women, Brooks Harris, Sydney McNeal and Chelsea Wei, are suing Rose and CBS for consequential, compensatory and punitive damages.

According to the complaint, Rose continued to contact the women who accused him of sexual harassment by both phone and email after he was fired. The court filing noted: “For example, on or about November 24, 2017, Mr. Rose sent an e-mail to Ms. Wei stating, among other items, ‘my relationship with you is the man I am in all my relationships.”

The complaint further notes that Rose allegedly told his staff that, following the Washington Post’s first expose “words to the effect of ‘some of the stories are true.’”

Rose had been accused of kissing female staffers and inappropriately touching them, as well as showing interest in having them detail their sex lives.

Among the 14 examples of what the women claim is “unlawful conduct” by the former newsman, the complaint notes: “Mr. Rose repeatedly sexually touched Plaintiffs, including without limitation caressing and touching their arms, shoulders, waist and back, pulling them close to his body, and kissing them on the cheek.”
Additionally, two of the plaintiffs (McNeal and Harris) accuse Rose of “placing his hands on her thigh and kissing her cheek” while dining out.

Another example in the complaint reads: “Mr. Rose repeatedly boasted of his sexual conquests, telling Plaintiffs words to the effect of ‘you should have seen the women that I was with when I was younger.’ Mr. Rose suggested to Ms. Harris and Ms. McNeal that they have sex with each other and told them words to the effect of, ‘You just need to become lovers already,’ indicating that he was having sexual fantasies about them.”

There were also alleged instances of verbal abuse noted in the complaint, with Rose allegedly telling Harris: “I didn’t know that I hired a f***ing kindergartner” and McNeal claiming that Rose told her “you can’t be a f***ing idiot and have this job.” Wei was also allegedly called a “f***ing idiot” for booking a flight aboard a plane that didn’t have flat folding seats.

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