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Young Doctor Delivers Her Baby, But At 2 Week Checkup He Whispers 3 Words That Change Her Life

Doctors and nurses work some truly rigorous hours. According to, doctors average about a 59.6-hour work week. Not only is that nearly fifty percent more than the average worker, but when you consider that doctors’ jobs are often rife with illnesses, pain, and stressed outpatients, you could only imagine that doctors’ free time is pretty high up on their priority list.

But as with everything else in the world, that isn’t always the case. Dr. Erik Bostrom is a family doctor in Minnesota who spends his work days as an obstetrician helping patients with pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum health. But during his off days, he’s doing something else to help them too.

He believes in the importance of maintaining a good relationship with his patients. And through his extracurricular actions, he makes it clear that he understands how stressful having a child really is. So he does something special to surprise these strong, brave, and incredible mothers.

One of Bostrom’s patients, Lacie Heitalati says in an interview with Uplift, “At my two-week checkup appointment, he came in, and he’s like, ‘Well I have something.’ And he brings out this beautiful pink blanket. He takes the extra time out of his busy schedule to do this for his patients.

Not only did this kind doctor just help this woman deliver a baby, but he’s also been hard at work during his off-days sewing a personalized blanket just for her child. What a practical and thoughtful gift, displaying the man’s true care and affection for the little ones he’s helped bring into the world.

To me, it sounds like this guy chose the right profession. I’m sure Riverwood Healthcare Center in Minnesota is pretty happy with his work too.

“I would have thought I would have at least made a man cave first, but I really didn’t,” Bostrom says, laughing, in the video from Uplift. While he doesn’t quite get the man-cave time he was talking about, he has at least got himself some wildly happy patients during one of the most stressful times of their life. This thirty-three-year-old doctor has sacrificed the little free time that he has to continue his job even while he’s away from work, to make sure that not only do the babies feel happy but the parents do too. Impressive work.

On top of all that, it’s not even like Bostrom sews blankets for only his favorite patients. He does it for every single one! He is truly dedicated to this idea, and we think he deserves some recognition for it. And if you’re a Minnesota citizen, make sure you head on over to Riverwood Healthcare Center. Might as well grab a free blanket while you’re having your child!

Along the way, it’s clear that Bostrom has fallen in love with his craft and gotten pretty good at it. It must be a truly rewarding experience to see the reaction on the mothers’ faces after providing them with such a kindhearted gift.

What does it say about Dr. Bostrom that he is sewing these personalized gifts?

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