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Young Girl Couldn’t Afford The Gym. She Stuck To One Routine And Now Nobody Recognizes Her

For many people, losing 60 pounds seems like an impossible task. Even with a strict diet and exercise, some people just can’t seem to shed the fat as easily as others. Perhaps it’s down to metabolism differences, or genetics but there is no doubt about the difficulties some face when trying to lose any weight at all.

When Kaylene Vymola’s boyfriend proposed to her, she was wildly excited and said, “YES!” almost immediately. The 21-year-old knew that she wanted to be with him and there was no doubt in her mind about their relationship.

Soon they planned a dreamy honeymoon with hours of time blocked out for enjoying the beautiful beaches that Mexico has to offer. Kaylene was super excited for the trip, except it brought up an old anxiety that she thought she was over and done with.

Kaylene wasn’t very confident in her beach body, so the thought of getting out there with her new husband wasn’t as appealing as it should have been. She made a resolution to start losing weight until she was confident in herself.

She weighed 175 pounds when she began her weight loss plan, but soon she’d weigh far less than that. You might think she spent all day in the gym to lose 60 pounds, but you’re wrong!

She didn’t want to waste money on an expensive gym membership, so Kaylene went back to basics. During her lunch breaks at work, she began to walk every single day.

“Every day after work I would go for an hour long walk through my neighborhood,” Kaylene told Daily Mail. “Honestly I didn’t feel that I needed to go to the gym. I didn’t want to spend money on it.”

First, it was a short distance, then longer and longer. Soon she started noticing results from the daily exercise and it motivated her to continue. Along with a diet, these daily walks helped Kaylene to shed pound after pound, day after day.

It seems simple, but the key to losing weight is a combination of two important things. Consuming fewer calories than you burn, and exercising several times a week. If you consume fewer calories than your typical amount, there is no doubt that you will lose weight. It may take some people longer than lucky Kaylene, but it is a scientific fact.

Add in some exercise at least a few times a week and you have a diet plan that will serve you well – provided you stick to it of course. The hardest part is not splurging on food or overeating to compensate for your exercise. If you are serious about losing weight, you need to be absolutely determined to conquer that mountain.

“I feel a lot better now. I feel much more confident, not only in my looks but in my personality,” Kaylene continued. “I feel like I can talk to more people.”

Did you know it was possible to lose weight with these simple steps? Share your experiences or struggles with us in the comments!