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Young Girl Shuts Her Eyes To Sing This Classic Song. I Teared Up On Her First Note

If you’ve ever witnessed young Claire Ryann’s singing on YouTube or the Ellen DeGeneres Show, she no doubt won you over with her pint-size cuteness and huge talent. Claire’s 2016 video of her singing the Christmas classic “Silent Night” when she was just four years old pops up on the radar each year and it never disappoints. Her rendition comes from such a pure place and her performance is beautiful, as is the stunning video.

Claire delivers a rendition of “Silent Night” that’s completely professional, as she puts a sweet spin on a song many have heard done countless times before. Her innocence and immense talent elevate the classic song to new levels.

In the video, Claire wears a lace dress and a flower in her hair while singing the song amid a Christmas backdrop, the nativity scene set behind her. As she sings, the video cuts to biblical scenes that help tell the story. Claire is seen closing her eyes at one point as she feels the emotion of the song and delivers a truly heartfelt performance.

Claire has found herself quite a YouTube following, as she’s gained attention for other videos, including some duets with her dad who plays guitar. Claire and her dad have sung, among other songs: Toy Story’s “You’ve Got a Friend In Me,” “Part of Your World,” from The Little Mermaid, and “I See the Light” from Tangled.

Her family noted at the time that Claire was: “Just a four-year-old little girl who loves to sing and make music with her dad.” The “Silent Night” video may have been released during the 2016 holiday, but it continues to nab more views all the time, with the video’s description noting: “We are all in the Christmas spirit listening to Claire sing the classic Christmas song Silent Night! Merry Christmas everyone!”

Many people have weighed in with comments on the video with an immense amount of praise for Claire. One commenter noted: “I think it is so excellent how well Claire embraces the true spirit of Christmas, even though she is so young. She is going to do great things for this world someday.”

Another person commented: “Can I say her voice is welcoming and calm. God bless her too adorable,” with another commenting: “OH my gosh you are so adorable NEVER STOP DOING WHAT YOU DO! You are an inspiration to us all”

One commenter was completely won over, remarking: “Oh my gosh Claire!! I absolutely LOVE it. Claire is so beautiful and truly incredibly AMAZING! I absolutely LOVE this video! This adorable little girl has put a HUGE smile on my face this holiday season! She sings so beautifully! Think she is the most talented 4 year old little girl I’ve ever seen!! You have the voice of an angel sweet Claire!!…  I really look forward to seeing more videos from you! Your smile and your singing lights up the whole world and puts a smile on my face!… Have a good holiday season and Merry Christmas!”

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