Young Man Was Hovering Around Woman In A Wheelchair, Not Realizing Police Were Watching Every Move : AWM

Young Man Was Hovering Around Woman In A Wheelchair, Not Realizing Police Were Watching Every Move

A woman waiting for a Houston METRO Lift to pick her up in downtown Houston had an experience she never would have expected. Michelle is confined to a wheelchair, so sometimes there are challenges she faces in her day to day life. When she noticed a stranger near her, however, she was initially a bit uneasy, as she was unsure what his intentions were.

The man, Louis Jordan, felt bad for Michelle in the heat of the midday, as he was downtown picking his mom up from work. He sat in his air-conditioned car and spotted Michelle waiting for her METRO Lift when he decided to help her. So, he got an umbrella from his car and approached Michelle, as he explained to KTRK: “It was unbearably hot. I wouldn’t want to be out there in the sun.”

Louis then stood with Michelle, holding the open umbrella over her head to give her a bit of shade from the hot sun. They discovered that the METRO Lift wouldn’t be coming for an hour and 45 minutes and though he likely had other places to be, Louis stayed with Michelle until her ride arrived, continuing to hold the umbrella like a total gentleman.

The time together allowed them to get to know each other, as he learned about her book club and they shared jokes and laughs together.

Louis has helped other strangers in the past as well and his generous nature wasn’t lost on Michelle that day. His mom, Bernette Botts, even got a photo of her son lending a helping hand, saying, “I’m a proud mama.”

She added that Louis had rescued his grandmother when she was trapped during Hurricane Harvey, saying, “She was trapped inside, four feet of water, no power. He called me back from my mom’s and said, ‘I got her.'”

Many people seeing the story weighed in on social media, with many won over by Louis’ generous spirit. One commenter noted: “These two were meant to meet. God gives us what we need even when we don’t know what we need. Both of them got an unexpected friendship from a simple act of kindness. Bless them both.”

Some commenters believed more of this type of news is needed these days, with notes such as: “She should be proud of him. That a great man! Nice to see some good news. This is what the news should focus on” and “This is the kind of news I want to see! Stop with nothing but gloom and doom, the sky is falling stuff!”

Others cheered on his mom for bringing Louis up to do the right thing, with comments such as: “God bless this young man! You raised him right, mama!” and “This is the kind of parenting we need more of people! His parents or whoever raised him taught him well!”

One commenter noted: “Thank You, you are an inspiration to other youth, great morals, your heart is in the right place, bless you! I hate to think of this lady sitting in that heat, your act of kindness is appreciated, it could have been anyone of my own family in this lady’s position, nice to know we have youth like this young man, bless you!”