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Young Marine Surprised His Family After Being Deployed. Keep Your Eye On The Little Brother

Military families know that distance makes the heart grow fonder. Because they have to say goodbye to their loved ones when they are deployed for service, they are forced to wait and anticipate their hopefully safe return. However, as everyone knows, a career in the military is not safe, and no one is guaranteed to come home, which makes it all the harder for military family members who have no choice but to sit at home and wait for their beloved military man or woman to come home from deployment.

One family had to watch their young Marine go off for his tour of duty. It was heartbreaking to see him leave and know that his life would be in danger. But the person who was most affected by his leaving was none other than the Marine’s little brother. Every day, the little boy would want to know where his big brother was and if he was doing all right. His questions were relentless, and it was hard to tell him that they didn’t always know how the Marine was doing or if he was all right – they just had to have faith that things were working out for him.

Thankfully, the little brother was not forced to be completely disconnected from his big brother. They were able to have video chats and other digital communications that allowed him to feel closer to home although he was really half a world away. Although they did stay in touch video the video chats, it was not the same as sitting across from him and being able to reach out and give him a hug whenever he felt like it. The little brother still yearned for his big brother to come home.

Eventually, it was time for the big brother to return home from his service in the military. But instead of telling the little boy, the family decided that it would be more exciting if he didn’t know his brother was scheduled to come home. They planned the surprise and eagerly awaited for the day when they could see his face light up with the smile of seeing his heroic brother again after so long apart.

In the video, the little boy is blindfolded. The family says they’ve got a surprise for him, but little does the boy know, but the surprise is better than a new bike or the latest Xbox game – it is the return of his brother from the Marines. It is the best day of his life.

The family asked the blindfolded boy to hold out his hands. Then they placed a hat in it. Asked to guess what it was, he correctly identified it as a hat. He was then asked what kind of hat it was, but he had no way of knowing unless he could see it. When he took off his blindfold, he saw it was the hat his brother was required to wear as a Marine.

The little boy turned around and then saw the real surprise waiting for him – his big brother! He nearly tripped as he rushed over to him. The returned Marine swooped the little boy into his arm and held him close.

They were reunited at last.

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