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Young Wife Can’t Get Pregnant, Then A Late Night Call From Her Sister Changed Everything

When a couple dreams of having a family and they can’t get pregnant, it takes an emotional toll. Some couples try fertility treatments with mixed results and, for Aimee Morrisby, when they were unsuccessful in these efforts, she got some unexpected help from a family member. Aimee and her husband now have a beautiful baby girl, Francesca, and it’s all because of Aimee’s sister.

In a YouTube video, the couple and Aimee’s sister share more details of the birth, with the description explaining: “The day my sister delivered our beautiful daughter Francesca Louise Morrisby. Our surrogacy journey started in 2015 and was the most amazing, emotional and proud time of my life. So sit back and enjoy the photos our amazing photographer captured as Francesca arrives earth side.”

Aimee was diagnosed with a bowel disease that left behind scar tissue in her abdomen when she was younger. During a doctor’s visit at age 21, she was told she might have complications with her uterus if she ever tried to conceive. When she was ready to start a family, she and her husband Jake spent five years trying to get pregnant, which included IVF treatments that resulted in Aimee having four miscarriages in five years.

When she sought the opinion of a digestive specialist, Aimee was told that there was too much scar tissues left from her disease. It was an emotional time and she realized she might never become a mother.

Aimee had talked through her feelings with her sister Shayna, who knew she wanted to help in some way.

One night, Shayna called Aimee and said, “Let’s have a baby.” A mom of two, Shayna was willing to be a surrogate for Aimee and Jake, carrying their baby for them.

Shayna was impregnated with one of Aimee’s embryos from her IVF treatments and the three of them, along with Shayna’s supportive husband, were thrilled that Aimee and Jake would soon have a baby.

Shayna had a water birth, holding Aimee’s hand the whole time, and delivering a healthy little girl. The couple named her Francesca Louise Morrisby.

Aimee offered this advice for any woman struggling to get pregnant: “My biggest advice to mothers that are pushing themselves to the brink is that it is OK to stop trying in your own body. At the end of the day there is no way my own daughter would be as happy and healthy if I had given birth to her.”

Among the many comments left on the YouTube video were those who were moved by Shayna’s selflessness and their story. One person noted: “OMG I started crying after the first 5 seconds… such a beautiful story. This is exactly what the world needs. Brightest blessings to you, your family, and your beautiful baby girl.”

Another commenter shared: “Absolutely beautiful. The love of sisters are so strong. I know your battle to become a mommy wasn’t easy, but you are a mommy! Congratulations!!”

One person shared this perspective: “I think it’s wonderful when the surrogate mother is someone close to the adoptive mother, as in this case. It means the birth mother can still be involved in the child’s live as ‘Aunty’ and watch him or grow up as part of the family.”

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